Period Stigma

Featured Q&A: “I’m really shy about my period! What do I do?”

Nancy Redd
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Featured Q&A: “I’m really shy about my period! What do I do?”

Having your period is totally natural and normal and you don’t have to feel alone or shy about it.

Q: I’m really shy about my period. I feel like everybody’s watching me. I feel so alone! What do I do?

A: Have no shame in your period game, girl! First things first: You are certainly not alone. U by Kotex’s recent nationwide study showed us that more than half of women not only become more self-conscious when they start their periods, but also feel dirty when menstruating, too. And two out of three of us don’t want anyone to know we’re on our periods.

However, just because you’re not the only one who feels like this doesn’t mean that you have to feel that way forever. Having your period is totally natural and normal, and while you don’t have to shout out “I’M ON THE RAG!” to the world, you also don’t have to feel alone and shy about it either.

So here’s what you should do: For starters, stop worrying that everyone’s watching you. I promise you they’re not! If you’ve recently taken a shower, put on clean clothes, and inserted a new tampon and/or placed a new pad/liner into your panties, there is NO WAY that anyone can tell that you’re on your period. There’s not even a chance that others will know, except for a few exceptions: if you are wearing too tight pants (showing the bulge of your pad), aren’t changing your product frequently enough (causing blood to leak through onto your pants), or if you mention it (because you bring it up or have to ask someone else for supplies).

You can avoid all of this potential drama simply by being prepared. Keep track of your period each month so you have a general idea about when to expect it next. Since U by Kotex pads and tampons are slim enough to fit into the smallest of spaces, like your backpack, locker, or even your wallet, stash some away for both expected and surprise visits from Aunt Flow. This way, you won’t have to borrow products from other people.

If you prefer our pads designed for heavier flow that are thicker than the U by Kotex line, steer clear of skin-tight bottoms until your period is over. To avoid leaks, click here for the product options you have to choose from. You might find that you feel more secure wearing a tampon with a pad for backup! Make sure to change your product at least every six hours on light days (preferably every four hours) and avoid wearing light colored bottoms during your heaviest flow days.

Periods are our gateway to growing up, and being prepared for them makes them a lot less painful. So go on and break the cycle -- you’re now informed and empowered with information about your period. Start planning ahead for next month right now!

Love, Nancy

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